EO Members Star On NBJ Panel

What does the Nashville Business Journal do when it needs to put together a panel discussion on the business issues shaping Nashville? Call EO, of course!

Three of the five panelists at yesterday’s “Shaping a Greater Nashville” panel discussion were EO members: Jerry Bostelman, Arnie Malham and Shawn Thomas. Jerry, Arnie and Shawn, along with fellow panelists Mike Shmerling of Choice Food Group and the General Counsel of Capella Healthcare, shared their business advice with about 200 business folks who attended the event at the five-star Hermitage Hotel. If you want to know what makes a successful company tick – even in tough economic times – you should have been there.

Among the celebrities in the crowd was former EO Nashville Chairman Jim Dickson.

Don’t forget: We need people to blog from Bonnaroo for the edification of our news media friends. To learn more, call Mike Reed at the Bradford Group, 515-4883.

Jerry Bostelman, Tony Heard and Shawn Thomas at NBJ's "Shaping A Greater Nashville"

Jim Dickson, Arnie Malham and Farrah Schubmehl at NBJ's "Shaping a Better Nashville"


One thought on “EO Members Star On NBJ Panel

  1. Great event! Jerry, Arnie and Shawn did a very good job of representing the entreprenuer community here in Nashville and shared a lot insight about what it takes to run a successful business. And Shawn even got in some direct plugs for EO!

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