EO Flood stories

While Nashville continues to recover from the historic flood. We took a survey of EO members to see how Nashville’s entrepreneurs fared. We’ll be sharing these stories this week, starting today:

Joe Freedman of Music City Tents & Events said, while he lost revenue due to the flooding, the first priority was to his employees and customers.

“When the flood came we immediately lost $38,000 in existing business,” he said. “Since our clients were hit pretty hard, we realized we wouldn’t be putting up tents or delivering rental equipment for the immediate future. So we called all our employees to make sure they were okay and see if they were available to work. We then sent out an email to 2,300 past and current clients asking if anyone needed our help.”

Freedman said the responses came pouring in. Glenn McConnell, fellow EO member and a partner at Music City Tents & Events, added that much of their current work involves helping customers.

“We spent the majority of the last two weeks just trying to relocate our displaced clients to our venue partners that were available,” said McConnell. “The impact not only to the hospitality industry but all industry due to the closing of Opryland alone will be felt for some time.”


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