Flood Stories Continued

This week, we will be posting flood stories from EO members. Today’s entry is about EO members raising money for flood relief.

Even those whose businesses remained dry recognize the need to help with recovery. Matt Simms, owner of Advocate Marketing and Print, said his company is selling posters designed by Nashville artists with all proceeds going to the United Way.

“So far we’ve raised about $5,000, but we’re hoping to be in the $20,000 range in the next few weeks,” said Simms. Those interested in buying prints can check them out at http://tinyurl.com/28jp4c2.

On May 20, Jerry Bostelman, founder of Vaco, was asked to sponsor Jeff Ramsey in their Nashville office for every sleeve of Oreos he could eat in two hours.

“It started off just in Nashville, but we added a live internet video to all the offices across the country,” said Bostelman. “Over the two hours Jerry ate five sleeves and raised $11,000.”

Bostelman issued a challenge to the women in the company, offering to double the donation if someone would eat half as many Oreos in two hours. Gina Utria in Orange County, Calif. ate three sleeves.

“The Vaco flood contribution totaled $20,000,” said Bostelman. “It was inspiring because it wasn’t a corporate initiative. Jeff saw his community was in need and came up with a creative way to spark the generosity of his peers. It is inspiring and humbling to be part of such a caring and creative team.”


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