Bonna-preneur Part 2

A great time was had by all during EO’s first foray to Bonnaroo this weekend. Some were old hands, who knew which porta-potties to trust, but most of us were Bonna-virgins.

The real separation of the true believers from the hangers-on came at midnight on Saturday, when seats on the first buses home became hot commodities Рwith some folks who had signed up for the 2 a.m. bus thinking they may have overestimated their passion for 12+ hours of music, unrelenting heat, pungent porta-potties, $7 beer and threading your way in the dark through hundreds of acres of human carpet. One enterprising EO member  offerred to sell his seats on the midnight bus to the highest bidder, proof that the free market always finds a way to reconcile expectations to reality.

In the end, the music carried the day. From the smallest tent to the main stage, it was consistently first rate. I can think of no other place where I could have exposed myself to a greater selection in such a concentrated period. If you can get used to the smell, it was a pretty amazing experience. And in the end, I wasn’t smelling a thing.


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