EO Member Spotlight

How I Got Where I Am Today

Gabriel Smith couldn’t find a guitar instructional video that lived up to its hype, so he set out to make one.

As a teenager, Gabriel Smith wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but the “learn guitar overnight” instructional tape be bought proved ineffectual and downright disappointing.

Years later, with learning how to play guitar still on his bucket list, Gabriel quit his job in concrete work to start Legacy Learning Systems, a multimillion dollar company that produces learning solutions for the guitar, piano, ballroom dance, etc.

Gabriel filmed his first instructional series in a friend’s living room, with no experience and home video recording equipment. Gabriel’s grassroots approach paid off. Within its first six months of operation, Legacy Learning Systems achieved one million in sales, clearing four million in its second year.

Today, Legacy Learning Systems’ award-winning courses are sold in 98 countries. Through a partnership with Gibson Guitar, Legacy Learning Systems created the Gibson’s Learn & Master© Guitar iPhone App, which won Billboard’s 2010 Music App Award. Recently, Gabriel signed a distribution deal with Hal Leonard, the largest music print publisher, which expanded Legacy Learning Systems’ distribution to retail stores by the end of 2010.


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