EO Member Spotlight

How I Got Where I Am Today

Serial entrepreneur Bryan Ansley knows that to make it in financial services you need tenacity, diversification and a winning formula.

In 2001, Bryan Ansley concocted a two-part recipe for a winning financial services company. For success, the venture needs reoccurring income, and needs to treat banks as both a purchaser and distributer of its product.

Ten years later, Bryan has founded four companies that exceed the one million revenue mark, most recently First Payment Systems (FPS), provider of Secure Identity Systems (SIS), a comprehensive identity theft, protection and recovery service.

FPS began as a simple credit card processing operation, but to “save the bacon” when the economy went belly-up and profits decreased by 30 percent, Bryan looked towards financial security to diversify his business.

Bryan traveled to Washington D.C. and Israel to consult with security experts, before creating SIS. Bryan’s careful planning made SIS the only company equipped to provide banks with all the services needed to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s 2008 “Red Flag Rule” that ramped up identify theft protection requirements.

Today, with the IRS, MIT and Harvard as clients, SIS grossed over six million and achieve 20 percent top-line revenue growth last year.


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