EO Nashville’s Founding President Rejoins Chapter

EO Nashville is happy to welcome back the chapter’s founding president, Bill Kimberlin, as one of our new crop of members. In addition to serving as our chapter’s first president, Bill also served on the YEO international board for two terms. (When Bill started our chapter back in 1994, EO was known as the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization – YEO.)

Bill started the Nashville YEO chapter in October 1994 after meeting a YEO member in Chicago. Eager to join, Bill contacted the international office and set in motion the process for starting a chapter. In its infancy, Nashville YEO had just nine members.

Starting Nashville’s YEO is just one of Bill’s many achievements. He has a knack for spotting demographic and consumer trends and using them to create successful businesses. He was the founder and president of OBJ Marketing Corporation, a company that grew into a 300-store distribution channel before negotiating its sale. He was also a partner and investor in Sixteenth Ave Sound, the second largest recording studio on Music Row, which recorded artists such as Hank Williams, Jr., Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder and Vanessa Williams. Furthermore, he served as president and CEO of Concorde Holdings, a business acceleration and private investment firm. He was also an early investor in Homegrocer.com, before its $1.2 billion sale to WebVan.

From 2004-09, Bill acted as founder and president of MedCareMD, a national diabetic shoe and supplies company. Currently, he serves as founder and CEO of Medicare.com, which performs online marketing and lead generation services for national healthcare suppliers and carriers.

Bill is excited to be back in a group that’s become everything he dreamed about in 1994. He recently attended an event for new candidates and described its impact on him, “For me, it was an out of body of experience. The group has its own life. It’s maintaining and growing. I’m excited to see how all the members benefit from it.”

To learn more about Bill, check out his member profile here.


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