Eric Jackson – EO Nashville Member Profile

Eric JacksonTell us about your company…

Keystone Business Solutions, LLC provides IT consulting and website development services to small business.

The IT consulting side of the business is primarily based around Windows Small Business Server in the professional services market (doctors, lawyers, accountants) with some clients in the small government and nonprofit space. We have a low tolerance for prospects or clients who want to cut corners. As a result, we have great clients that result in mutually beneficial business relationships.

The Web development side of our business is primarily the same market with services concentrated on Web design and implementation of the Kentico CMS. Most of our customers want some measure of control over their website presence and marketing…we make that happen for them.

Alma mater…

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (’90). Go Vols!

Tell us about your family, spouse, kids, pets…

My daughter is a brilliant (naturally) and beautiful sophomore at Hendersonville High School. She plays soccer on the varsity team and will (fair warning) begin driving soon. I’m divorced but happy in a relationship with my significant other. I’m of the opinion that a 43-year-old man shouldn’t use the word “girlfriend.” I have no pets. I’d love to have a dog, but I’m constantly on the go. Any dog of mine would have to fend for itself…and that’s not a good plan.

Where did you grow up? What brought you to Nashville?

I was born in Newport News, Virginia. In 1977, my father took a new job in Hartsville at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s new nuclear plant. Nuclear power made me a Tennessean, despite the fact that nuclear power never came to pass at that plant. I grew up in Gallatin and graduated from Gallatin High School.

Non-profit I support…

I’m currently president of the Rotary Club of Hendersonville. Through Rotary, I help support about 15 other nonprofits around Sumner County. I’ve also provided some measure of financial and/or professional support to the National MS Society, Sumner COMPASS (Community Outreach Making Partnerships at Sumner Schools), Friends of Rock Castle, Shalom Zone, Nashville PAD, Bridges Domestic Violence Center, Leadership Sumner, Leadership Middle Tennessee, Hendersonville Samaritan Association, Gallatin Cares, Children are People, Learning Matters, and I’m sure I’ve left someone off the list. That’s a good list, right?

Favorite place to vacation…

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Love it, winter or summer. I’m pretty good at falling down snow-covered mountains in expensive clothing.

What music are you listening to these days?

3 Pork Fatigue. Listening AND playing (I’m the drummer.) You’ve never heard of us…and if you get the chance, bring earplugs. The other two guys are fellow classmates from Gallatin High School. Our little project affords us the chance to get together, drink beer and talk about how great we were at one point in time. Aside from that, I’m listening to heavy doses of Pearl Jam (yes, they’re still around).

What have you read lately?

Currently reading “The Elements of Content Strategy,” a nerdy book on Web content and “The Thank You Economy.” Also trying to make my way through “World War Z” (who doesn’t like zombies?) and “The Five Thousand Year Leap.”

Favorite restaurant…

Café Rakka. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant in Hendersonville and I’ll put it up against any you can name. They were on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and were recently named in the “Best of Nashville 2011.” Yes, I’m a fan.

Favorite honky-tonk…

Not much of a honkey-tonker. I guess I’ll go with Tootsie’s…been there a few times. Not big on drunk crowds.

Best business advice you have ever received

“Do what you say you’re going to do and you’ll be successful.” Makes sense, right? I can’t remember who said it.

If I wasn’t an entrepreneur I’d be…

A writer.

Wish I had more time for…

Playing music in my band. Few things are better than playing music you’ve created…and doing that for a willing audience.

Finish this sentence, “I would do just about anything for a…”

World tour as Led Zeppelin’s drummer. Go big or go home, right?

The best thing about EO…

The business and personal growth I’ve realized in the company of lifelong friends.


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