John Aron – EO Nashville Member Profile

John AronTell us about your company

The Pasta Shoppe is finishing year 17. It is an e-commerce company with 75%+ of revenues transacting online…differentiation and competitive advantages are driven from our manufacturing capabilities.

Alma mater…

University of Vermont, BA Political Science & Minor in Debate

Tell us about your family, spouse, kids, pets…

Wife & business partner is Carey, 2 boys soon to be 13 & 9, and a great little Malti-Pooh named Keely.

Where did you grow up? What brought you to Nashville?

Born in NYC, raised in suburbs, worked in NYC for 8 years in printing business. Fell in love with Carey & Nashville in 1990…compared to the coasts, Nashville is Opportunity.

Non-profits I support…

Lipscomb Business School, Vandy Peabody School, Susan G. Komen, Wounded Warriors, Room @ the Inn, Nashville Child’s Alliance

Favorite place to vacation…


What music are you listening to these days?

Wide variety, but lack depth of knowledge.

What have you read lately?

David McCullough, Americans in Paris

Favorite restaurant…

Café Margot

Favorite honky-tonk…


Best business advice you have ever received

A salty older investor, “All I’ve Wished for was an Unfair Competitive Advantage.”

If I wasn’t an entrepreneur I’d be…


Wish I had more time…

To play harder.

Finish this sentence, “I would do just about anything for a…”

High potential person in trouble, in need of support.

The best thing about EO…

The energy, the hope, and laying it all on the line.


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