EO Nashville Members in the News: Bob Bernstein, Nicholas Holland, Kevin Ross, Mike Rustici, Ben Hanback, Tim Ozenger, Jason Moore, David Waddell, Sam Sanchez, James Fields, Alex Tolbert, Rebecca Donner and Benjamin Goldberg

This week’s recap of press mentions and awards is a long one. Here we go!

Bob Bernstein [Bongo Productions], Nicholas Holland [Populr.me], Kevin Ross [Metova] and Mike Rustici [Rustici Software] were all featured in Forbes on Oct. 15. Forbes asked company founders their big “aha” moments. Bob is #17, Nicholas #22, Kevin #22 and Mike #73.

Forbes Article

Ben Hanback [The Hanback Group] and Tim Ozenger [OZ Nashville] were featured in the Nashville Post on Sunday. The story mentioned Ben and Tim as two of many local investors looking to increase portfolios with alternative investing.

The Nashville Technology Council Gala Awards took place Tuesday, Oct. 23. Congratulations to the following EO member finalists and winners:

  • Kevin Ross [Metova] accepted the Software Developer of the Year award on behalf of his company’s development team
  • Jason Moore [Stratasan] won Early Stage Company of the Year
  • Tod Fetherling [also of Stratasan] was the newest member to be inducted in the NTC Hall of Fame
  • Jessica McDougal [of EO member company Teknetex] was a finalist for Volunteer of the Year
  • Carl Pottkotter [of EO member company NovaCopy] was a finalist for CTO of the Year
  • Jason Levkulich [also of NovaCopy] was a finalist for Company of the Year

David Waddell’s [Waddell & Associates] column was featured in the Memphis Daily News on Wednesday. The article discussed the possible alternatives to dividends.

Sam’s Sports Grill [Sam Sanchez] was voted one of America’s Best Sports Bars by The Daily Meal.

The Daily Meal

On Wednesday, the Nashville Business Journal wrote about Jame Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] creative idea to turn to valet parking to solve its growing parking issues.

Bernard Health [Alex Tolbert] was featured in Wednesday’s Tennessean. Alex was mentioned in response to BlueCross ending its plan to open a retail store in Nashville.

Rebecca Donner’s [Inner Design Studio] article was featured in Healthcare Design Magazine. Her article included tips to reduce patient room noise with design materials.

Adam Platt mentioned Benjamin Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality] in his blog today for Conde Nast Traveler. Adam met Benjamin on his Southern States Food Tour. He also mentioned the excellent food he tried at the Patterson House and the Catbird Seat.


EO Nashville 2012 Moveable Feast Recap

Last Wednesday we hosted our annual Moveable Feast event in downtown Nashville.

The exclusive, members-only affair took place at The Palm, The Southern Steak & Oyster and Merchants. Members enjoyed appetizers at one restaurant, before moving to another for the salad course and the third for the entrée.

Table 1 appetizers at The Palm


Leaving The Southern


Honky Tonk Central

At the after party, which was held at Honky Tonk Central, EO Nashville board members announced recent chapter accolades that included:

  • Rock Star Award Winner, 2011-2012
  • Century Club Award

Nashville was one of 38 out of 121 chapters globally to win Rock Star for the 2011-2012 year. To earn Rock Star distinction an EO chapter has to complete 27 benchmarks in areas of chapter health, including growth, renewals, learning, communications, forum and finance. This is the forth time since 2008 that Nashville has been named a Rock Star chapter.

EO Nashville Membership Chair Joe Freedman was also presented with the EO Century Club award for increasing Nashville’s chapter membership to more than 100.

You can check out all the pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

EO Nashville Members in the News: Rebecca Donner, Michael Berman, Michael Brody-Waite, Andy Bailey, Dan Hogan and John Kepley

Inner Design Studio [Rebecca Donner] was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review, Lamar Times and Medical Construction & Design for the interior design of Forrest Health, a health care leader in Southeast Mississippi. The facility held two ribbon ceremonies to celebrate the building’s new design on Sept. 19 and Oct. 15.

US Postal Service Federal Credit Union is now using the Ncontracts contract and vendor management solution from Network Contract Solutions [Michael Berman]. You can read the full story from the Credit Union Times here.

InQuicker.com [Michael Brody-Waite] was mentioned in the Hudson Reporter on Monday. Jersey Medical Center will launch InQuicker later this month. InQuicker.com was also mentioned by the Hickory Daily Record, a publication covering news from Hickory, NC. The article announced FryeCare Urgent Care-Conover’s launch of InQuicker.

Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] was featured in American Management Association. In his article, Andy compared a winning business to a great sports team.

In Thursday’s Tennessean, Andy’s bi-weekly article discussed the importance of defining the 3 Ps of company culture: people, process and profit.

On Wednesday, Medalogix [Dan Hogan] received the 2012 Healthcare Information Technology Acceleration award. The award recognizes the organization with the best emerging technology focused on the rapid adoption of health care reform initiatives. John Kepley with Teknetex also won an award at the HIMSS show last Wednesday. Teknetex was honored with the HIMSS HIT Workforce Development Award

Medalogix was featured in Predictive Modeling News‘ October issue. The issue included an article written by Dan and a Q&A between Predictive Modeling News and Dan.

EO Nashville Members in the News: Michael Brody-Waite, Bob Bernstein, Benjamin Goldberg, George Uribe and Nicholas Holland

Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker] was featured in Southern Alpha on September 21. In the Guest Voices section of the growth and technology blog, Michael discussed three major assumptions he made about funding. InQuicker was also mentioned in a Fast Company piece on October 3. The story highlighted InQuicker’s innovative solution to avoid long wait times in the ER.

Bob Bernstein’s Bongo Java and Benjamin Goldberg’s Patterson House were both listed in the Wall Street Journal’s article about Nashville on Saturday. Bonjo Java was mentioned for its artistic clientele, great coffee and delicious food. Not to mention the improv groups that perform. The Patterson House was listed as a “don’t miss” attraction.

Nicholas Holland [Populr.me] and Bob Bernstein were featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Spotlight section on October 5. In the interviews, the two were asked about the art of the pitch when asking potential investors for money.

George Uribe [GuestBooker.com] was highlighted by the Nashville Hispanic Chamber for the Music City Media Mixers he holds on the third Friday of each month at the Hard Rock Café.

And lastly (not to be outdone), Entrepreneurs’ Organization was mentioned by Forbes this week in its list of the best organizations for entrepreneurs. In the article EO was described as the ultimate toolbox for entrepreneurs.

EO Nashville Members in the News: Greg Greenwell, James Fields, Darek Bell, Alan Looney, David Waddell, Michael Brody-Waite, Bob Bernstein, John Aron, Greg Greenwell, Dan Hogan and Hannah Paramore

On Friday, TotalPrint [Greg Greenwell] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Case Study section. The story covered how the young startup company has been growing rapidly while others have been standing still or struggling. Since its inception in late 2007, TotalPrint has bought three companies, expanding its size, service offering and market share.

In his column in the Sunday Tennessean, James Fields [Concept Technology Inc.] discussed the steps to take if your business partakes in the Bring your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon.

Corsair Artisan Distillery [Darek Bell] was recently awarded two very honorable “Best Rye” 2012 awards at an American Rye Tasting hosted by TheFiftyBest.com. TheFiftyBest.com announced that Corsair’s  Ryemageddon was awarded a gold medal. Corsair’s Wry Moon was awarded a double gold medal.

Castle Homes’ [Alan Looney] Idea House was a focus in Tuesday’s Nashville Business Journal. The Idea House at Fontanel Mansion will be built by Castle Homes. It will be open to the public from June 2013 to December, when it will then become a bed and breakfast or event venue for Fontanel Mansion.

In his weekly article in the Memphis Daily News, David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] discussed public and private reforms taking place as a requirement for survival due to the financial crisis in 2008.

Congratulations to the NEXT Award winners. Here’s a list of the EO Nashville members who won:


Market Mover

Entrepreneurs of the Year

To see the complete list of all winners click here.
Lastly, the Nashville Business Journal announced Nashville’s Most Admired CEOs finalists. Congrats to the following EO Nashville members for making the cut.