EO Nashville Members in the News: Benjamin Goldberg, Hannah Paramore, Greg Greenwell, Andy Bailey, James Fields and Dan Hogan

Here’s a look at the EO Nashville members in the news this week.

Benjamin Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal last Friday. Benjamin and his brother Max were approached by Centerplate, food vendor for LP Field, to join in the effort to capture the city’s personality by making a variety of sandwiches using local ingredients for Titans fans.

Congratulations to the Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs finalists: Dan Hogan of Medalogix, Hannah Paramore with Paramore | the digital agency and Greg Greenwell of Totalprint.

Most Admired CEOs

Congratulations to all of the finalists of the Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs

In his bi-weekly column in the Tennessean this Sunday, Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] wrote that our brick walls, or challenges, are actually our greatest opportunities. His column provided steps for how to achieve that opportunity, by breaking down the wall.


Andy Bailey’s bi-weekly column in the Tennessean

The Nashville Business Journal featured an article about local tech firms spending thousands of dollars on creative employee perks to help recruit and retain employees. Concept Technology [James Fields] is one of the firms “perking up” to keep talent.

Dan Hogan’s [Medalogix] column appeared in November’s Health Management Technology. In his article, Dan discussed the major shift that the Affordable Care Act has made in patient care in America.

Health Management Technology

Dan Hogan’s column in Health Management Technology’s November issue


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