EO Nashville Members in the News: James Fields, Jeff Turner, Andy Bailey, Tom Turner, Dan Hogan, Rebecca Donner and Michael Brody-Waite

Happy New Year! We’re excited for the opportunities 2013 will provide for our members and expect the weekly roundups to continue reporting the many great things happening for EO Nashville. Here’s to a prosperous year!

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column in The Tennessean was published on December 23. James’ column suggested a few best practices for keeping your IT department living up to its full potential.

"Optimize your IT department"

Jeff Turner [Turner Machine Co.] was featured in Nashville Business Journal’s Case Study section on December 28. Founded in 1995, Turner Machine Co. faced its biggest year in terms of sales in 2012. The company’s strategy of slow growth has paid off.

 "Case Study - Slow growth, storm shelters boost austo supplier"

On December 30, Andy Bailey’s [Petra Coach] “Saying ‘no’ can be a smart decision” column was published in The Tennessean. Read the column here – maybe you need to consider changing your news year’s resolution.

"Saying no can be a good decision" print

DSi [Tom Turner] was featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Executive Counsel. The article was titled “Using Discovery and Information Management Technology Efficiently.”

Nashville Business Journal ran a story on Nashville executives’ first jobs. Andy Bailey [Petra Coach], Jeff Turner [Turner Machine Co.], James Fields [Concept Technology Inc.], Tom Turner [DSi], Dan Hogan [Medalogix] and Rebecca Donner [Inner Design Studio] were included. To read about their first jobs, click here.

Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker.com] was featured in The Tennessean’s Executive Profile section. Read the full Q&A here.

"Michael Brody-Waite"


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