EO Nashville Members in the News: John Rowley, James Fields, Dan Hogan and Kevin Ross

It’s time for another weekly roundup. Here’s what your fellow EO Nashville members have been up to.

John Rowley [Fletcher | Rowley] appeared on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry Show” last Monday morning with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Howard Dean and Karen Finney. Topics covered on the segment included: “Rebuilding the Democratic Party,” “Politics of Food” and “Politics of the Poor.”

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column appeared in The Tennessean last Sunday. This week’s column described four technology trends for 2013.

"Here are 4 trends to expect in 2013"

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] appeared in the January issue of Predictive Modeling News. In the article, Dan discussed predictive modeling in healthcare.

Metova [Kevin Ross] was featured in The Tennessean last Tuesday. According to the story, “Metova recently announced the hiring of a squad of developers, noting that there is more hiring to come.”


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