EO Nashville Members in the News: Tom Beach, John Kepley, David Waddell, Tom Turner and Andy Bailey

City Saver‘s Tom Beach was featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s “Case Study” section last week. The case study focused on the company’s slow growth as its key to success. Since its founding 10 years ago, City Saver has grown to over a $1 million company.

City Saver Tom Beach

According to a story in Southern Alpha, CEO and principal John Kepley [Teknetex] bought out his partner, Eric O’Reilly, at Teknetex.

In his column in the Memphis Daily News, published on Jan. 16, David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] discussed three components that will forecast 2013: earnings, dividends and valuations.

DSi [Tom Turner] recently unveiled an updated brand that embodies the company’s core attributes of confidence, stability and technological expertise. The new brand reflects DSi’s pioneering role in the eDiscovery industry. DFI News, eDiscovery Journal and The eDiscovery Solutions Daily published the story.

In his by-weekly column in The Tennessean, Andy Bailey [Petra Coach Consulting] described four areas your business should focus on in the first quarter of 2013: clients, priorities, products and services, and people.

Andy Bailey Petra Business Coach


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