EO Nashville Members in the News: Best in Business, Steve Curnutte, John Rowley, George Uribe, James Fields and Andy Bailey

The good work never stops for EO Nashville members. Take a look at what they’ve been up to this week…

Congratulations to the following EO Nashville member companies who were named Nashville Business Journal’s 2013 Best in Business Awards finalists. Advance Financial [Michael Hodges], Bernard Health LLC [Alex Tolbert], Farmington Financial Group LLC [Hart Weatherford] and Vaco Resources LLC [Jerry Bostelman].

Steve Curnutte [Tortola] was featured in The Tennessean’s Executive Q&A section Sunday. To read to Steve had to say, click here.

Steve Curnutte Tortola

John Rowley [Fletcher | Rowley] appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show Saturday morning to discuss GOP lines on immigration reform and the history of America as an immigrant society.

George Uribe [GuestBooker.com] announced the launch of his new business, MyDailyRunDown, an innovative new Web product tracking television news. For more information, check out https://mydailyrundown.com/.

Sunday’s Tennessean featured James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column about cloud migrations. To read more, view the full article online.

James Fields Concept Technology Inc.

Petra Coach‘s Mandy Burage also appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. The article discussed Mandy’s vast knowledge of DiSC personality assessment.

Petra Coach Mandy Burage

Andy Bailey’s [Petra Coach] column “Make the Decision to be Decisive” appeared in MWorld Magazine this month. The column can be read here on Petra Coach’s blog. Andy also had a column in The Tennessean today. In today’s column, Andy discussed how Nashville, now nicknamed “Nowville,” is growing and you need to be prepared.


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