EO Nashville Members in the News: Bob Bernstein, Tom Turner, John Rowley, Andy Bailey, Alex Tolbert, John Kepley, Jerry Bostelman, Michael Brody-Waite, David Waddell

Time for another weekly wrap up of what the EO Nashville members have been up to.

Bob Bernstein [Bongo Java] appeared in the Nashville Business Journal’s Case Study last Friday. Learn how Bob  has expanded his Bongo Java coffee company to five stores and a roasting brand here.

Bob Bernstein

A recent article in the Nashville Post reported that DSi [Tom Turner] is setting up a Texas office to expand into the large Dallas and Houston markets.

DSi also appeared in Evidence Technology Magazine’s March/April issue. The article discussed how the online data explosion has affected the electronic discovery and digital forensics process.

John Rowley [Fletcher Rowley] was featured in Campaigns & Elections as a shoptalker in their most recent issue. See what John had to say here.

A recent guest blog of Andy Bailey’s [Petra] appeared in SmallBizDaily.com Sunday. In his blog, Andy discussed the importance of leaving your comfort zone.

Alex Tolbert’s [Bernard Health] column appeared in The Tennessean Sunday. He discussed why achieving transparency in health care is not an easy task.

Alex Tolbert

The Nashville Post announced Friday the opening of Bernard Health’s second Nashville-area retail store this week.

Bernard Health was also mentioned in Catalyst Healthcare Research as one of few consumer-facing businesses in the health insurance industry.

Teknetex [John Kepley] and Vaco Resources LLC [Jerry Bostelman] were featured in a recent Tennessean story. The article mentioned Teknetex and Vaco as two recruiting firms who have seen a change in how companies are hiring and what level of talent they are looking for.

Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal in February. Michael also recently sat down with the Nashville Chamber to answer a few questions about the company’s culture. See Michael’s answers here.


Digital Journal recently announced that the Medical Center of Central Georgia, the second-largest hospital in Georgia, has served more than a total of 25,000 patients using the InQuicker Online Waiting Service.

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared in the Nashville Ledger this Tuesday. Read what he had to say here.

David Waddell


EO Nashville Members in the News: Marty Reed, Michael Brody-Waite, Hart Weatherford, Dan Hogan, Ben Goldberg, Charles May, Hannah Paramore, Ricky Scott, James Fields and Andy Bailey

EO Nashville members always have great things happening. Take a look at what they’ve been up to this week.

Randa Solutions [Marty Reed] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal last week. To read the story, click here.

EO- Software firms

Congratulations to Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker.com] and Hart Weatherford [Farmington Financial Group LLC] who were named to the Nashville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list. Read more about them here.

40 under 40

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] was mentioned in a Chattanooga Free Times Press article for his reasons in backing the TennCare expansion.

Ben Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality LLC] was featured in the Wall Street Journal Magazine, which described Ben and his brother Max as two who have almost single-handedly ignited Nashville’s food scene.

ben goldberg

Bytes of Knowledge [Charles and Julie May] was highlighted in Sunday’s Tennessean. The story details how Bytes of Knowledge turned their business around after a certain interaction with author Joe Calloway. Read the full story here.


Hannah Paramore [Paramore | the digital agency] appeared in The Tennessean’s Executive Q&A Sunday. Read her answers here.


Two members of The Kingston Group [Ricky Scott] were featured in a Q&A with The Tennessean. The article was published Sunday.

Kingston Group

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column appeared in The Tennessean Sunday. In his column, James discussed the importance of backing your business’ data and provided steps with how to do so.

Protect sensitive data James Fields

Andy Bailey’s [Petra] bi-weekly column in The Tennessean Thursday. He discussed his top 10 business books. To see what they are, click here.

Andy Bailey's Top 10.5 Business Books

Andy also appeared in Small Biz Daily where he is a guest blogger. His blog detailed the steps to finding your star clients.

EO Nashville Members in the News: David Waddell, Dan Hogan, Arnie Malham, Mark Deutschmann, Alex Tolbert, Andy Bailey, Nicholas Holland, Alan Looney, Jeff Turner, Jon Aaron and Debbie Gordon

EO Nashville members sure stay busy. Here’s this week’s wrap-up.

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared on Fox Business’ Money with Melissa Francis last Thursday. View the clip here.

David also appeared in the Nashville Business Journal last week. His column was titled “Urbanization equals global opportunities.”

David Waddell Urbanization equals global opportunities

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal for his company’s release of Medalogix 2.0. Read more here.

Arnie Malham [cj Advertising] appeared on Nashville’s News Channel 5 Monday. View the clip here.

Mark Deutschmann [Village Real Estate Services] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal a few weeks ago. The story highlighted Mark as a principal at Core Development, which is planning a new cottage-style residential project on the far west side of Sylvan Park.

Alex Tolbert’s [Bernard Health] guest column appeared in the Tennessean on Sunday. In the column, Alex discussed the difference between a “customer” and “consumer.”

Also a guest columnist for the Tennessean, Andy Bailey [Petra] discussed how important it is to take time building your team and steps on how to ensure you hire “A” players.

Andy Bailey was also in the Nashville Post’s spring issue, where he was quoted on the value he places on spending time away from work with his children.

Andy Bailey Petra Coach

Andy appeared on CEOBlogNation.com as a guest blogger. He wrote about the difference between having a job and having a business.

A big congratulations to Andy who was named a Williamson County Impact Awards honoree. The Nashville Business Journal reported the full list of honorees Friday.

Nicholas Holland [Populr.me] appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. Read the Executive Q&A here.

Alan Looney [Castle Homes] was quoted in an article in Sunday’s Tennessean about Castle Home’s Southern Living Idea House. The story noted that the home will become a luxury B&B and event center.

Clint Smith [Emma] appeared in the Nashville Post’s spring issue. The feature depicts Emma’s journey as a business.

Emma-2 Emma-3

The Nashville Business Journal’s first CEO Roundtable section featured Jeff Turner [Turner Machine Co.] and Jon Aron [The Pasta Shoppe]. The CEO Roundtable was focused on manufacturing. You can read more here and here.

Congratulations to Jon Aron [The Pasta Shoppe] and Debbie Gordon [S3 Asset Management] who were named to the 2013 Nashville Post All-Star Board.

2013 Nashville Post All Star Board

EO Nashville Members in the News: Nicholas Holland, David Waddell, James Fields, Tom Beach, Alex Tolbert and EO Nashville 2013/2014 Board of Directors

It’s time for another weekly wrap up. Here’s what EO Nashville members have been up to this week.

Nicholas Holland [Populr.me] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal this week. The story told how a client request led CentreSource Inc., a company Nicholas founded and is now led by Evan Owens, to a new direction.

Nicholas Holland Nashville

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] was featured in the Memphis Daily News Friday. The paper reported on David’s recent speaking engagements where he gave his company’s annual state of the union address. Read more here. David Waddell appeared in the Memphis Daily News again on Tuesday. His weekly column for the publication was titled “Urbanization Equals Global Opportunities.”

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. In this week’s column, James discussed the ways Internet is changing the way we view TV.

James Fields: Internet is changing the way we view TV

City Saver [Tom Beach] appeared in The Leaf Chronicle this weekend. The story reported on Saturday’s Mega Party celebrating the Clarksville City Saver coupon book fundraiser’s recent success. More than 200 Clarksville elementary students were invited to attend.

Bernard Health [Alex Tolbert] announced this week a capital raise of $1.9 million, with the money to be used to open five health care retail stores. The Nashville Post reported the story.

Another congratulations to our 2013/2014 board of directors. The Tennessean, City Paper and Southern Alpha reported the news.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Nashville Announces New Board of Directors

Join us in welcoming our 2013/14 board of directors. The 2013/14 board term runs May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.

The new board of directors of the Nashville Entrepreneurs’ Organization includes:

The Nashville Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a growing, vibrant group of successful business owners who are all doing what they can to contribute to the regional economy. All of our board members work extremely hard to accommodate the growing needs of this diverse group. We want to thank the board for volunteering their time to make this chapter one of the best within EO.