EO Nashville Members in the News: John Rowley, Tim Ozgener, Alex Tolbert, Andy Bailey, Michael Brody-Waite, Alan Young, Mark Deutschmann, Justin Crosslin, Hannah Paramore and Jeff Turner

Another busy week for the members of EO Nashville.

John Rowley [Fletcher | Rowley] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Executive Profile section last week. Read the Q&A here.

040513 NBJ Executive Profile-John Rowley

OZ [Tim Ozgener] was voted Best New Venue by nFocus Magazine.

Alex Tolbert’s [Bernard Health] column appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. In this week’s column, Alex discussed the pros and cons between medical pay models.

BNH_medical pay models have pros and cons

Alex Tolbert was also mentioned in Wednesday’s Tennessean. Read more here.

Andy Bailey’s [Petra] column also appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. Andy discussed the sacrifices his wife has made as an entrepreneur’s spouse and Andy’s wife provides a few words of advice from her experiences.

040713 Tennessean "Drive to achieve needn't put strain on marriage"

Andy Bailey also appeared in Business Daily.com. Read his blog here.

Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker] and Alan Young [Armor] were featured in the Nashville Business Journal last week. The two will talk at the upcoming Nashville Business Journal Entrepreneur Exchange.

EON - michael brody-waite, alan young

Mark Deutschmann [Village Real Estate Services], Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker], Crosslin and Associates [Justin Crosslin] and Hannah Paramore [Paramore | the digital agency] appeared in this week’s Nashville Business Journal, where they shared their best advice with readers.

Best Advice

National Storm Shelters [Jeff Turner] appeared on News Channel 5 on Wednesday. You can view the video and read more here.


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