EO Nashville Members in the News: Dan Hogan, Michael Brody-Waite, Christopher Redhage, Hannah Paramore, Benjamin Goldberg, Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, David Waddell, Clint Smith and Andy Bailey

Here’s the weekly scoop on what some of Nashville’s greatest entrepreneurs are working on.

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] and Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker] were featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Health Care Heroes section last week. View their Q&As here.

Healthcare hero edi#27FAAA9

Michael Brody-Waite Health Care Heroes

ProviderTrust [Christopher Redhage] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal last week. The article highlighted ProviderTrust’s new product launch, VendorProof, which is expected to double the company’s revenue.

Hannah Paramore [Paramore | the digital agency] appeared in last week’s Nashville Business Journal. Hannah will be a panelist at the strategic forum for women business owners, Powerful Women, on June 26.

Hannah Paramore - NBJ

News that Benjamin Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality] plans to open Pinewood Social, a new concept for Nashville’s Rolling Mill Hill in one of the city’s historic trolley barns, was published in The Tennessean, Nashville Scene and Nashville Business Journal, among other outlets.

Miranda Whitcomb Pontes [Burger Up] was mentioned in the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene this week. The publications mentioned Miranda’s plan to join forces with Sal Avila to open a new restaurant, Prima, in the Gulch.

David Waddell’s [Waddell & Associates] column appeared in the Memphis Daily News today. The column was titled, “Reacting To Fed Dread.”

Emma [Clint Smith] was mentioned by Business 2 Community as one of the top five email marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] was featured as a guest blogger on SmallBizDaily’s website. His bi-weekly blog discussed the key to a successful business: employee appreciation.

Andy Bailey’s column in The Tennessean also ran today. His column gave readers 5 ways to brush up on networking skills.

053013 Tennessean 5 ways to help brush up on networking skills


EO Nashville Members in the News: Martin Renkis, John Arndt, Jeff Turner, Andy Bailey, James Fields, Elliott Holt and David Waddell

It’s time for our weekly wrap-up. Here’s a look at what’s been keeping EO Nashville members busy.

Smartvue Corporation [Martin Renkis] recently won the contract to provide video surveillance for the Philadelphia Marathon and a chain of Toby Keith’s restaurants and bars across the U.S.

Congratulations to John Arndt [DWC Construction] who was featured in the Nashville Business Journal as one of the power leaders in Architecture/Construction/Engineering.

john arndt

National Storm Shelters [Jeff Turner] was mentioned in Monday’s Columbia Daily Herald for its partnership with several local small businesses to offer storm shelters. The Elk Valley Times also mentioned the partnership.

Andy Bailey’s [Petra] column appeared in the Tennessean Sunday. In his column, Andy discussed the top apps to boost efficiency.

Tennessean hardcopy top apps 5-19-13

Andy Bailey was also featured on SmallBizDaily.com where he contributes regularly. His most recent blog detailed the steps to make your daily meeting meaningful.

The Nashville Post and Nashville Business Journal mentioned Scout Staffing, a new information technology staffing company that James Fields’ [Concept Technology, Inc.] is launching.

James Fields’ column in The Tennessean ran last week. In his column, James provided tips on how to create strong passwords to protect your accounts.

Elliott Holt [Medi-Copy Services Inc.] was quoted in a Tennessean story Wednesday about a young Nashville entrepreneur who won $100,000 to focus on his startup — and drop out of college. Elliott was quoted praising the program’s approach, saying it’s better suited for the startup business.

eo tennessean elliott holt story

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared on FBN Money with Melissa Thursday, May 23. The segment focused on Bernie Madoff speaking out from prison.

EO Nashville Members in the News: David Waddell, Martin Renkis, Darren Metz, Tom Turner, Andy Bailey, Eric Jackson, Darek Bell, Tim Ozgener and John Rowley

Time for another weekly wrap-up. Here’s the scoop on what EO Nashville members have been up to.

David Waddell’s [Waddell & Associates] regular column in the Memphis Daily News discussed the stock market and asked the question, “How high can we go?” His column was also featured in the Nashville Ledger.


David Waddell was also recently mentioned in a Barron’s article titled, “Tiny funds, big prospects.” David was quoted saying he’s not only willing to give small funds a closer look, but also goes looking for them.

Congratulations to Smartvue [Martin Renkis] whose cloud video surveillance won iBusiness Magazine’s Top 25 Enterprise Business Application award.

The Nashville Ledger featured a story on how 3-D ‘printing’ offers a new dimension in product visualization and cites NovaCopy [Darren Metz] as a company on the forefront of the revolution.

DSi [Tom Turner] was featured in the Nashville Ledger twice this week. One story detailed the new trend in the market called e-discovery or data mining. The second warned readers to be careful of what they type and view on company computer.

051713 Nashville Business Journal - DSi articles

EO Nashville members Andy Bailey [Petra] and Eric Jackson [Keystone Business Solutions] were quoted in the Nashville Business Journal today. The story described how EO Nashville members learn from shared experiences in EO Nashville forums.

051713 Nashville Business Journal Leaders learn from shared experiences

Bell & Associates Construction [Darek Bell] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal for their work on the Music City Center.

Bell and Assoc

Bell and Associates

OZ [Tim Ozgener] was mentioned by the Nashville Business Journal for its hipness.


Keep an eye out for John Rowley [Fletcher | Rowley] who will be on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC tomorrow morning (9AM-11AM CST).

EO Nashville Members in the News: Alex Tolbert, Charles May, David Waddell, Michael Brody-Waite, Alan Young, James Fields and Dan Hogan

A look at what EO Nashville members have been up to the last couple weeks.

In his column in The Tennessean, Alex Tolbert [Bernard Health] discussed whether U.S. health care is a growth driver or value destroyer.


Charles May [bytes of knowledge] appeared in the Nashville Business Journal’s executive profile section May 2.

050313 NBJ Charles May executive profile

David Waddell’s [Waddell & Associates] column appeared in the Memphis Daily News Friday. In his column he discussed the “no-growth rally.”

Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker] and Alan Young [Armor Concepts LLC] were featured in last week’s Nashville Business Journal. The two were noted as panelists for the upcoming NBJ Entrepreneur Exchange on June 6.

EO_Michael Brody-Waite

In his bi-weekly column in The Tennessean, James Fields [Concept Technology] discussed whether or not your data is safer within your business or in a public cloud.

051213 Tennessean Typically, 'the cloud' offers safe, secure place for data

Medalogix [Dan Hogan] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal and Nashville Post for inking a deal with Alacare Home Health & Hospice, an Alabama-based company with 23 locations. This deal will triple Medalogix’s client base. Click here and here for coverage.

Dan Hogan was also mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal‘s article, “Apps techies can’t live without.”

eo- mlx techies apps

EO Nashville Members in the News: Tom Turner, Mike Rustici, Martin Renkis, Elliott Holt, Andy Bailey, James Fields, Nicholas Holland, Julie May, Charles May and Darek Bell

EO Nashville members stay busy. This week’s no exception.

Tom Turner [DSi] was featured in Document Media where he detailed the seven steps to building an information management policy.

Rustici Software [Mike Rustici] announced the launch of Tin Can API version 1.0 after three years of work.

At the 2013 International Security Conference, Smartvue Corporation [Martin Renkis] launched its Smartvue S9i cloud video surveillance server, powered by Intel NUC and Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Azure.

Congratulations to Smartvue Corporation who won the 2013 Security Products’ Government Security award for cloud computing. The awards honor outstanding government security products in a variety of categories.

MedCityNews reported last week that Medi-Copy Services [Elliott Holt] became a partner with BOX.

Congrats to Andy Bailey [Petra Coach], who was a Williamson County Impact Award winner.

EO andy bailey impact

Andy Bailey’s regular column in The Tennessean appeared in today’s paper. Andy wrote about improving your focus so that you can get more done in less time.

050213 Tennessean Getting more done in less time is a matter of focus

James Fields’ [Concept Technology] bi-weekly column appeared in Sunday’s Tennessean. This week James discussed changes to Microsoft’s Small Business Server.

042813 Tennessean Microsoft changes mean move to cloud

The Nashville Business Journal reported Wednesday that Concept Technology plans to join Germantown’s fair share of techies. Concept Technology will occupy 8,700 square feet inside the renamed BowTruss Building. The article mentions CentreSource and Populr.me [Nicholas Holland] who lease space at 1312 5th Ave. North in Germantown. EO Nashville members Julie and Charles May [bytes of knowledge] were also noted. The company will be relocating to 1212 6th Ave. North in the next five weeks from its current location at 3310 West End Ave.

Bell and Associates Construction [Darek Bell] was mentioned by World Interior Design Network for being one of the three construction companies that completed the construction of the Music City Center.

Darek Bell [Corsair Distillery] was also featured on CBS today and was interviewed on the boom in craft spirits.