EO Nashville Members in the News: Martin Renkis, John Arndt, Jeff Turner, Andy Bailey, James Fields, Elliott Holt and David Waddell

It’s time for our weekly wrap-up. Here’s a look at what’s been keeping EO Nashville members busy.

Smartvue Corporation [Martin Renkis] recently won the contract to provide video surveillance for the Philadelphia Marathon and a chain of Toby Keith’s restaurants and bars across the U.S.

Congratulations to John Arndt [DWC Construction] who was featured in the Nashville Business Journal as one of the power leaders in Architecture/Construction/Engineering.

john arndt

National Storm Shelters [Jeff Turner] was mentioned in Monday’s Columbia Daily Herald for its partnership with several local small businesses to offer storm shelters. The Elk Valley Times also mentioned the partnership.

Andy Bailey’s [Petra] column appeared in the Tennessean Sunday. In his column, Andy discussed the top apps to boost efficiency.

Tennessean hardcopy top apps 5-19-13

Andy Bailey was also featured on SmallBizDaily.com where he contributes regularly. His most recent blog detailed the steps to make your daily meeting meaningful.

The Nashville Post and Nashville Business Journal mentioned Scout Staffing, a new information technology staffing company that James Fields’ [Concept Technology, Inc.] is launching.

James Fields’ column in The Tennessean ran last week. In his column, James provided tips on how to create strong passwords to protect your accounts.

Elliott Holt [Medi-Copy Services Inc.] was quoted in a Tennessean story Wednesday about a young Nashville entrepreneur who won $100,000 to focus on his startup — and drop out of college. Elliott was quoted praising the program’s approach, saying it’s better suited for the startup business.

eo tennessean elliott holt story

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared on FBN Money with Melissa Thursday, May 23. The segment focused on Bernie Madoff speaking out from prison.


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