EO Nashville Members in the News: Andy Bailey, Eric Jackson, James Fields, Alex Tolbert, Joe Freedman, Chris Corby, Darek Bell and Darren Metz

It’s time for the EO Nashville round-up. This week’s post covers news from the past two weeks.

Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] was featured in Small Biz Daily twice recently. His guest blog, “4 Steps to Building an Executable Business Plan” published June 19. Another of Andy’s guest blogs, “Learning When to Say No in Business” appeared July 1.

Andy’s regular column for The Tennessean published last week. His column discussed the importance of work-life balance.

Andy Bailey | Petra Coach

Congratulations to Eric Jackson [Keystone Business Solutions] who was named a Sumner County Impact Awards winner by the Nashville Business Journal.

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc./Scout Staffing] bi-weekly column in The Tennessean published Sunday June 23. In his column, James discussed why HR and corporate culture are important factors in tech hiring.

James Fields | Concept Technology Inc.

Alex Tolbert’s [Bernard Health] regular column in The Tennessean appeared in Sunday’s paper. In his column, Alex discussed the problems with Medicare.

Alex Tolbert | Bernard Health

Joe Freedman [Music City Tents] recently wrote an article for The Tennessean on how Nashville’s entrepreneurs benefit from wealth of support programs such as EO Nashville, Launch Tennessee’s inaugural startup/technology conference, Southland, and Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center.

Joe Freedman | Music City Tents

Chris Corby’s [School Facility Management] guest column on creating a culture of stability published in last week’s Nashville Business Journal. His column was the third in a new partnership between EO Nashville and the Nashville Business Journal.

Chris Corby | School Facility Management

Corsair Distillery [Darek Bell] was mentioned by The Daily Meal as one of five American single malts to check out.

NovaCopy [Darren Metz] appeared in The Tennessean twice this week for their volunteer work on creating the 3D prototype of a prosthetic foot for an injured duck. You can view the Tennessean articles here and here.

NovaCopy | Darren Metz

NovaCopy duck 070313

Congratulations to NovaCopy whose Jason Levkulich was named one of the Nashville Business Journal Chief Marketing Officer Award winners in the small private company category.


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