EO Nashville Members in the News: Darek Bell, Alan Looney, JJ Rosen, Alex Tolbert, William Kirkland

It’s Friday, which means EO Nashville Members in the News wrap-up time. Read on to find out what EO Nashville members are up to. (If you have updates to share, please email them to Erin at erin@bradfordgroup.com).

Here we go:

Darek Bell [Corsair Distillery] wrote an article on smoked whiskeys for Distiller Magazine.

Corsair clip

USA Today also featured Corsair in its “Spirited journey along Tennessee’s Whiskey Trail.” Additionally, Liquor.com included Corsair Red Absinthe in an article about 9 Category-Defying Spirits. Read the article here.

Castle Homes [Alan Looney] has been featured several times in various publications and newspapers over the last few weeks for Southern Living’s 2013 Idea House, which the company built.

JJ Rosen [Atiba] wrote a column for the Tennessean on BYOD and mobile devices. JJ also had a column run in today’s NBJ, titled “Top 5 Simple Ways to Get More Leads Online.”

Alex Tolbert [Bernard Health] also penned a column for the Tennessean. His was on the new health insurance exchanges.

Tolbert clip

Alex was also interviewed by Yahoo! Small Business Daily for an article in which he advised employers (with 50 employees or less) to drop their group health plan.

The Nashville Post covered The Kirkland Company’s [William Kirkland] representation of the seller of Murfreesboro’s Stones Creek Apartments. You can read about the deal here.


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