EO Nashville Members in the News: Darek Bell, Ben Goldberg, Bob Bernstein, Rebecca Donner, Ben Hanback, Julie May, Alex Tolbert, J.J. Rosen, James Fields

Take a look at what your fellow EO Nashville members were up to this week:

Darek Bell [Corsair Artisan] was mentioned in a New York Times article called “The Gin Goes Back into the Barrel,” about distilleries focused on aged spirits.

Ben and his brother Max Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality] were spotlighted in the “Who to Meet” section of The Nashville Business Journal and offered their thoughts on the Nashville restaurant scene.


A CNN Travel article about unique aspects of Nashville mentioned Bob Bernstein [Bongo Java] and the infamous Mother Teresa cinnamon bun found at his coffee shop in 1996.


Medical Construction & Design posted a story about Inner Design’s [Rebecca Donnner] transformation of a Wal-Mart into an upscale health center.

Ben Hanback’s [The Hanback Group] Tennessean column focused on the importance of building and maintaining relationships. The Tennessean also penned an article about Regions Insurance partnering with The Hanback Group to expand its employee benefits practice in Middle Tennessee.


Julie May’s [bytes of knowledgeTennessean column focused on the new Healthcare.gov website, and why a lack of communication secured its downfall. Julie also wrote a blog for the Nashville Business Journal about the migration to a new spam filter.

Alex Tolbert [Bernard Health] was mentioned in a Tennessean article about health insurance costs for families. Alex also wrote his column for The Tennessean about glitches in the Medicare website before Healthcare.gov even began.

J.J. Rosen [Atiba] penned his column for The Tennessean about the change in the 9-to-5 work schedule.


James Fields’ [Concept Technology] Sunday column in the Tennessean focused on wearable technology like the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and the Google Glass.


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