EO Nashville Members in the News: Marty Reed, Michael Brody-Waite, Hart Weatherford, Dan Hogan, Ben Goldberg, Charles May, Hannah Paramore, Ricky Scott, James Fields and Andy Bailey

EO Nashville members always have great things happening. Take a look at what they’ve been up to this week.

Randa Solutions [Marty Reed] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal last week. To read the story, click here.

EO- Software firms

Congratulations to Michael Brody-Waite [InQuicker.com] and Hart Weatherford [Farmington Financial Group LLC] who were named to the Nashville Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list. Read more about them here.

40 under 40

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] was mentioned in a Chattanooga Free Times Press article for his reasons in backing the TennCare expansion.

Ben Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality LLC] was featured in the Wall Street Journal Magazine, which described Ben and his brother Max as two who have almost single-handedly ignited Nashville’s food scene.

ben goldberg

Bytes of Knowledge [Charles and Julie May] was highlighted in Sunday’s Tennessean. The story details how Bytes of Knowledge turned their business around after a certain interaction with author Joe Calloway. Read the full story here.


Hannah Paramore [Paramore | the digital agency] appeared in The Tennessean’s Executive Q&A Sunday. Read her answers here.


Two members of The Kingston Group [Ricky Scott] were featured in a Q&A with The Tennessean. The article was published Sunday.

Kingston Group

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] column appeared in The Tennessean Sunday. In his column, James discussed the importance of backing your business’ data and provided steps with how to do so.

Protect sensitive data James Fields

Andy Bailey’s [Petra] bi-weekly column in The Tennessean Thursday. He discussed his top 10 business books. To see what they are, click here.

Andy Bailey's Top 10.5 Business Books

Andy also appeared in Small Biz Daily where he is a guest blogger. His blog detailed the steps to finding your star clients.


EO Nashville Members in the News: Hannah Paramore, Alex Tolbert, James Fields, Bob Bernstein, Ben Goldberg, Michael Brody-Waite, Dan Hogan, David Waddell, Clint Smith, Charles Bone and Andy Bailey

It’s not a surprise that we have lots of news to share with you this week. EO Nashville members have been busy!

In last week’s Nashville Business Journal, Hannah Paramore [Paramore | the digital agency] discussed the significant impact DISC profiling had on her business.

Hannah Paramore

Bernard Health [Alex Tolbert] was highlighted in last week’s NBJ as one of the companies taking the cue from the retail world and changing how they connect with customers.

Bernard Health Nashville Business JournalBernard Health Nashville Business Journal

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] bi-weekly column appeared in The Tennessean on Sunday. In this week’s article, James discussed the benefits of versioned replication as a means to backup your files.

James Fields versioned backup systems

Nashville Scene posted a “How did Nashville get to be the it city” timeline which mentioned two EO Nashville members’ companies:

  • Bongo Java [Bob Bernstein] which, in 1993, opened as the first coffeehouse to establish a lasting foothold in Nashville. The Scene also noted 1996 as the year Bongo Java’s “Nun Bun” made national headlines.
  • Catbird Seat [Ben Goldberg], which opened in the fall of 2011, for getting immediate acclaim from The New York Times, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, the Today Show and more.

InQuicker.com [Michael Brody-Waite] has gotten lots of press recently. Last Friday, the Nashville Business Journal featured the company twice. Click here and here to see the stories. The Phoenix Physicians group invited members of the company on their radio program to do a Q&A. Listen to a replay of the show here. CBS covered InQuicker’s launch in San Antonio. Click to read more here.

News-Line for Home Care Professionals featured Medalogix‘s [Dan Hogan] new software, Medalogix 2.0. The newly-released software is the newest version of the company’s post-acute specific predictive modeling software.

David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] appeared in this week’s Nashville Ledger. In his column, David discusses the saying “As goes January, so goes the rest of the year” and the likeliness that a strong January predicts a strong annual return.

David Waddell

Clint Smith [Emma] and Charles Norton [Bone McAllester Norton] were panelists today at NBJ’s Entrepreneur Exchange where attendees were able to get in the minds of real business owners and learn what works…and what doesn’t.

In his column in today’s Tennessean, Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] discussed his love for quotes and how they can have a positive impact in the workplace.

Andy Bailey Quotes can offer tidbits of wisdom

Andy Bailey quotes offer wisdom in workplace

EO Nashville Members in the News: NEXT Awards, Hannah Paramore, Steve Curnutte and James Fields

Congratulations to the following EO Nashville members and member companies who recently won NEXT Awards:

Company Awards:

Individual Awards:

In the news, Hannah Paramore’s [Paramore | the digital agency] column appeared in the Nashville Business Journal. Hannah discussed how our social media translates overseas.

Shannon Heffington, CFO of Allen Printing [EO Nashville member Steve Curnutte’s printing company] appeared in the Nashville Business Journal’s Executive Profile section last Friday.

Shannon Heffington

Shannon Heffington in the Nashville Business Journal

James Fields’ [Concept Technology Inc.] weekly column was featured in Sunday’s Tennessean. In this week’s column, James discussed three common IT mistakes you’re bound to come across that you should consider before it’s too late.

The Tennessean

James Fields’ column in the Tennessean

EO Nashville Members in the News: Benjamin Goldberg, Hannah Paramore, Greg Greenwell, Andy Bailey, James Fields and Dan Hogan

Here’s a look at the EO Nashville members in the news this week.

Benjamin Goldberg [Strategic Hospitality] was mentioned in the Nashville Business Journal last Friday. Benjamin and his brother Max were approached by Centerplate, food vendor for LP Field, to join in the effort to capture the city’s personality by making a variety of sandwiches using local ingredients for Titans fans.

Congratulations to the Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs finalists: Dan Hogan of Medalogix, Hannah Paramore with Paramore | the digital agency and Greg Greenwell of Totalprint.

Most Admired CEOs

Congratulations to all of the finalists of the Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs

In his bi-weekly column in the Tennessean this Sunday, Andy Bailey [Petra Coach] wrote that our brick walls, or challenges, are actually our greatest opportunities. His column provided steps for how to achieve that opportunity, by breaking down the wall.


Andy Bailey’s bi-weekly column in the Tennessean

The Nashville Business Journal featured an article about local tech firms spending thousands of dollars on creative employee perks to help recruit and retain employees. Concept Technology [James Fields] is one of the firms “perking up” to keep talent.

Dan Hogan’s [Medalogix] column appeared in November’s Health Management Technology. In his article, Dan discussed the major shift that the Affordable Care Act has made in patient care in America.

Health Management Technology

Dan Hogan’s column in Health Management Technology’s November issue

EO Nashville Members in the News: Greg Greenwell, James Fields, Darek Bell, Alan Looney, David Waddell, Michael Brody-Waite, Bob Bernstein, John Aron, Greg Greenwell, Dan Hogan and Hannah Paramore

On Friday, TotalPrint [Greg Greenwell] was featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Case Study section. The story covered how the young startup company has been growing rapidly while others have been standing still or struggling. Since its inception in late 2007, TotalPrint has bought three companies, expanding its size, service offering and market share.

In his column in the Sunday Tennessean, James Fields [Concept Technology Inc.] discussed the steps to take if your business partakes in the Bring your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon.

Corsair Artisan Distillery [Darek Bell] was recently awarded two very honorable “Best Rye” 2012 awards at an American Rye Tasting hosted by TheFiftyBest.com. TheFiftyBest.com announced that Corsair’s  Ryemageddon was awarded a gold medal. Corsair’s Wry Moon was awarded a double gold medal.

Castle Homes’ [Alan Looney] Idea House was a focus in Tuesday’s Nashville Business Journal. The Idea House at Fontanel Mansion will be built by Castle Homes. It will be open to the public from June 2013 to December, when it will then become a bed and breakfast or event venue for Fontanel Mansion.

In his weekly article in the Memphis Daily News, David Waddell [Waddell & Associates] discussed public and private reforms taking place as a requirement for survival due to the financial crisis in 2008.

Congratulations to the NEXT Award winners. Here’s a list of the EO Nashville members who won:


Market Mover

Entrepreneurs of the Year

To see the complete list of all winners click here.
Lastly, the Nashville Business Journal announced Nashville’s Most Admired CEOs finalists. Congrats to the following EO Nashville members for making the cut.

20 EO Nashville Companies Recognized by Inc. 500|5000

Once again, EO Nashville members had a solid showing on the Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This year, 20 EO Nashville member companies were included on the list. That represents 40% of Middle Tennessee companies on the list, and 23% of all Tennessee-based companies on the list. Not bad, when you consider that EO companies represent just 0.7% of the 15,000 businesses in Nashville.

EO Nashville members who made the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 list are:

These 20 companies employee 1,326 individuals; grew at an average rate of 199% from 2008 to 2011; and have combined 2011 revenues of $287 million. Furthermore, of the three Tennessee companies that made the Inc. 500, two were EO member companies: Medicare.com and Teknetex.

According to the magazine, companies are chosen for the list by comparing revenue growth from 2008 to 2011. Companies must be U.S.-based, privately held, independent, for-profit and not a subsidiary or division of another company. Revenues in 2008 must have been at least $100,000 and at least $2 million for 2011.

The full list can be accessed at inc.com/inc5000.

EO Nashville members in the News: Michael Brody-Waite, Clint Smith, Hannah Paramore, David Waddell, Andy Bailey, Scott Scovill, Green Greenwell & Small Business Awards

It’s time for another “In the News” recap:

On August 20, Forbes ran a story about InQuicker [Michael Brody-Waite] and its lack of venture capital fundraising. The article “Health Tech Start-Up InQuicker Shuns Venture Money and Hype” talks about the company’s growth sans VC money.

A Sunday Tennessean article talked about Emma’s [Clint Smith] new digs in the Trolley Barns and new initiatives as a company.

Paramore | the digital agency [Hannah Paramore] is opening an outpost in West Virginia, a fact covered by the Nashville Business Journal on Tuesday.

If you haven’t had a chance to read David Waddell’s [Waddell & Associates] column in the Memphis Daily News, take a few minutes to do so. His August 15 column, “Economic Outcomes Remain Up in Air,” discusses how the economy remains uncertain, and in his August 23 column, “Facts, Feelings Go Hand in Hand,” David gives us all an investment lesson.

Andy Bailey’s [Petra Coach] weekly column for the Tennessean stresses the importance of daily meetings.

On Thursday, August 23, Variety profiled Scott Scovill and the path he took to start Moo Creative and Moo TV.

Friday’s Nashville Business Journal included a story about Nashville-based mergers and acquisitions, using Greg Greenwell’s [TotalPrint] recent purchase of Brooks Technology Management as an example of the trend.

082412 NBJ "Nashville in the mood to buy"

And lastly, the Nashville Business Journal recently announced it’s 2012 Small Business Awards. EO Nashville companies to make the list included:

081712 NBJ SBA Bernard Health081712 NBJ SBA Inquicker081712 NBJ SBA Teknetex081712 NBJ SBA Metova081712 NBJ SBA The Hanback Group081712 NBJ SBA Medicare.com