EO Nashville Members in the News: John Rowley, Andy Bailey, Justin Crosslin, Ben Hanback, Benjamin Goldberg, Julie May, Jerry Bostelman, Martin Renkis

Fletcher|Rowley [John Rowley] was in the Tennessean on Thursday for the company’s inclusion on AMC’s “The Pitch.” Fletcher|Rowley’s episode will air Thursday, Aug. 15. The Nashville Post also picked up the news.

John Rowley Tennessean clip

John Rowley also appeared on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on FOX News on Saturday, Aug. 10.

Andy Bailey’s [Petra Coach] column ran in the Tennessean on Thursday. In the column, Andy tackled multitasking, encouraging people to “flex their focus muscle.”

080813 Tennessean focus not multitask tennessean hard 080813

Crosslin & Associates [Justin Crosslin] announced Wednesday that the company has created an entrepreneurial business services division. The Nashville Post covered the news.

Ben Hanback [The Hanback Group] penned a column in the Tennessean on the topic of “visualization.”

Ben Hanback clip

The NBJ interviewed EO Nashville member Benjamin Goldberg and his brother Max about the upcoming two-year anniversary of The Catbird Seat. You can read the clip here.

Technology blog Southern Alpha ran a conversation with bytes of knowledge CEO Julie May about IT projects, their deadlines and costs.

Southern Alpha also covered Vaco’s [Jerry Bostelman] new technology scholarship program. Check out the details here.

Lastly, Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y. recently selected Smartvue [Martin Renkis] as its cloud surveillance systems to keep students safe.


EO Nashville Members in the News: Inc. 500, NEXT Awards, Ben Goldberg & Michael Brody-Waite

It has been an award heavy week for EO Nashville members (not that we’re complaining)!

On Wednesday, Inc. magazine announced its newest list of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies. Of the three Nashville companies that made the list, two were members of EO Nashville: Teknetex [John Kepley] and Medicare.com [Bill Kimberlin].

Also this week, the Nashville Chamber announced its finalists for the company and individual NEXT awards. EO Nashville members and member companies that were honored included:

Company Awards:

Individual Awards:

The Catbird SeatBen Goldberg’s The Catbird Seat also landed on Bon Appetit’s Hot 10 List of America’s Best New Restaurants this week. The Catbird Seat ranked fifth on the powerhouse list.

And lastly, Inquicker received national press attention, appearing in an Entrepreneur magazine piece on the “7 Deadly Sins of Business Meetings.” In the article, Michael Brody-Waite talks about how his company did away with unproductive meetings.

EO Nashville Members in the News: bytes of Knowledge, Stratasan, Medi-Copy Services, Metova and The Catbird Seat

bytes of Knowledge [Charles May]: Over the last quarter, Charles and Julie May’s technology company bytes of Knowledge has been featured in a Nashville Post Q&A and a Business Journal Case Study, which focused on their one-stop tech shop status.

Stratasan [Jason Moore]: Stratasan’s national recognition at the 2012 Health Datapalooza was featured on the Nashville Post blog.

Medi-Copy Services [Elliott Holt] : Medi-Copy Services as recently named one of the Business Journal’s 2012 HealthCare Heros. Check out the whole list here.

Metova [Kevin Ross]: Metova landed the cover of the June edition of the Nashville Post magazine and secured a place in the publication’s Fast 15 list.

The Catbird Seat [Ben Goldberg]: It seems you can’t turn around without seeing a mention of Ben and Max Goldberg’s newest successful restaurant. Most recently, The Catbird Seat turned up in a New York Times article on Nashville’s budding food scene.

Check out the linked text to read all these great clips and mentions.

EO Nashville Members in the News: Dan Hogan, Scott Scovill, Steve Curnutte & Ben Goldberg

Congratulations to four of our Nashville EO members for being front and center in the media recently.

Dan Hogan, CEO of Medalogix, has written an op ed for the Tennessean about how the Affordable Care Act will have a positive affect on entrepreneurial activity.

MooTV was named by Pollstar the Video Company of the Year, the industry’s highest honor, for the second year in a row. MooTV owner Scott Scovill said his LA-based company CenterStaging was voted Top Dog rehearsal facility of the year for the second year in a row.

Steve Curnutte and his company Tortola Partners was recently featured in an Inc. magazine article about his role in the turnaround story of Allen Printing. The story was used as a case study in fast growth in a slow economy.

And last, but not least, Erik Anderson and Josh Habiger, the chefs at Ben and Max Goldberg’s newest establishment The Catbird Seat were named Best New Chefs by Food & Wine magazine. Read the article here.

Congratulations to all from EO Nashville.

Best Chefs in the Southeast

Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson, the the fantastic chefs at EO Nashville member Ben Goldberg’s new restaurant, The Catbird Seat, have been nominated by Food & Wine magazine for The People’s Best New Chef award.

Please take this opportunity to vote for Josh and Erik. A Nashville newcomer restaurant like Catbird has several disadvantages in a survey like this one, but it would be great for the whole food scene in Nashville for these guys to get a little recognition. Thanks!

EO Nashville Members in the News: Benjamin Goldberg, Andy Bailey, Susan Marlow, Dan Hogan, Jolene Dressel & Best in Business Finalists

Here’s a recap of recent EO Nashville members who’ve been seen in the news.

The Goldbergs’ newest eatery, The Catbird Seat, was named one of 10 finalists for Best New Restaurant in America by the James Beard Foundation. Also, GQ magazine placed The Catbird Seat at No. 5 on a list of Top 10 New Restaurants.

Two EO Nashville members were featured in the Feb. 12th edition of the Tennessean:

  • Andy Bailey [Rock Habits] talks about organizing a trip to Cuba for his EO forum in a story about Nashvillians’ reactions to an easing of travel restrictions to the communist island.
  • Susan Marlow [Smart Data Strategies] is featured in a story about how innovation and a global search for talent have been key to her business rebounding from the recession.

Dan Hogan [Medalogix] was also featured in the Feb. 10th edition of the Nashville Business Journal in an article that explores Dan’s newest health care tech venture.

Jolene Dressel [Trojan Labor] was included in the Tennessean’s Feb. 5 edition, in a story about her company and Nashville’s construction industry.

Finally, the Nashville Business Journal announced today finalists for its 2012 Best in Business Awards. Finalists include EO Nashville member companies:

EO Nashville Members in the News: Bert Lyles, JJ Rosen & Benjamin Goldberg

Last week, EO Nashville member Bert Lyles received some very exciting news — his company, Showhomes Franchise Corporation, ranked well in three categories of the recent Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500 rankings: #256 in the overall Franchise 500 list, #100 in the category of Fastest-Growing Franchises and 45th for the second year in a row in the Low-Cost Franchises category. Read the full release here.

Venture Nashville Connections broke the news of JJ Rosen’s company Atiba acquiring Cabedge.com to add a design team to the tech company’s services.

And last (but certainly not least), Benjamin Goldberg’s newest venture, The Catbird Seat, received a shout out in the most recent issue of Bon Appetit. In the article, the author compares dining at The Catbird Seat to an experience “you’d expect to find in New York or even Copenhagen.”